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Realtime Court Reporting

Interactive realtime court reporting is the simultaneous translation of the reporter’s stenotype notes into English. This innovative service allows attorneys and paralegals to connect to our certified realtime reporters’ computer and immediately view draft testimony on a laptop.

DepoTexas realtime court reporting service is compatible with CaseView, LiveNote and Summation litigation support software which enables you to flag sections of the transcript as testimony is being given and build your case in real time. In addition, users can search the realtime or other transcripts in the case for previous or conflicting testimony. Transcript and annotation reports can be created in real time and can be saved, printed or e-mailed to your colleague, co-counsel, client or expert.

DepoTexas realtime court reporting services can also set up a live Internet Depositions feeds to stream realtime transcripts and video anywhere in the world. You can depose a witness in Dallas, Texas while your co-counsel monitors the realtime transcript from New York saving you time and travel expenses.

At the end of realtime depositions, you can request the realtime transcript rough copy to be sent to you via email in a specified format. Your realtime transcript provides immediate access to the testimony. Deposition summaries can be created quickly by searching for quick marks, expounding upon or creating notes or annotations and creating annotation reports of the deposition. You can use your realtime transcript to prepare for the next day testimony or upcoming depositions.

DepoTexas experienced realtime court reporters are ready to assist you with your depositions. To schedule anywhere in Texas, nationally or internationally, please complete our online deposition scheduling form or call 888.893.3767 and our client services team will take care of the rest.

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