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Go Green with DepoTexas

At DepoTexas we are on the cutting edge of the Green movement and are dedicated to providing ways to reduce our carbon foot print. To help conserve our natural resources we are taking the following actions:

  • Email notice of all scheduled depositions and litigation support confirmations and cancellations
  • Electronic delivery of deposition transcript files to your email and/or mobile device
  • Electronic delivery of your scanned exhibits
  • Delivery of court reporter transcripts and legal video on reusable USB devices
  • Use of transcript covers made from 60% recycled cover stock
  • Electronic delivery of invoices
  • Upload of all deposition transcripts, courtroom exhibits and legal video to our online repository
  • Exclusive use of electronic marketing and sales materials
  • Enthusiastic participating in an enhanced recycling program
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Go Green With Depo Texas

Go Green With Depo Texas

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