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Tyler Court Reporting

For more information about our deposition services in Tyler, Texas, kindly use the form below to contact us. To schedule a deposition please use our online deposition scheduling form. If you are scheduling services in Tyler within the next 24 hours please call us directly.


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100 E. Ferguson, Suite 900
Tyler, Texas 75702
Phone 903.593.3213
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Tyler Deposition Services

If you need a court reporter in Tyler, you need to schedule local Tyler deposition services. It’s that simple. You need court reporters that are familiar with the area and the laws of Tyler. You need a litigation services firm that works on depositions. You need local court reporters and legal video specialists with a proven track record for success. You need local Tyler, Texas local court reporters that will provide the fastest, most accurate deposition service. And with local Tyler court reporters you are ensuring that.

By scheduling a local Tyler court reporter, you position yourself to get the most out of your deposition. Local Tyler court reporters provide the highest quality deposition services. They are well-acquainted with local best business practices. For example, they know all the local courts and legal firms. Local Tyler court reporters have an advantage.

At DepoTexas Tyler, we capitalize on our local advantage in depositions. We are the area’s premier local court reporting and litigation support. And that’s because we’re from Tyler, Texas. We keep our fingers on the pulse of what's happening in Tyler and the surrounding areas.